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29.11.2011: Release of our Mini Album “Lady Moonlight”
It has been a while since the last update. We’ve been busy writing new songs and we were working on the mixdown of our 5 Demo Songs. But now we are very proud to present our Mini Album “Lady Moonlight”. It’s a labor of love and passion for metal. The songs are available for listening in our Demo section. The Album is available on a lovingly manufactured CD for a small fee. Right now it can only be bought at live gigs or by contacting one of the Bandmembers. Narrow Mind songs will appear in a few weeks on ITunes and other digital download portals for purchase. We are interested in your feedback of course. Visit us on your favorite Social Network (e.g. Facebook) or use the contact form on our Website. Thanks for your support!
08.12.2011: How to order your Jewelcase CD
Narrow Mind Jewelcase CD
The musicians of Narrow Mind were overwhelmed by your positive feedback! We would like to thank each and every one of you for your kind words. The “Lady Moonlight” Jewelcase CD with 5 songs can now be ordered via Contact form on this Website. Cost: CHF 7.00 + delivery costs. Please provide us with your address. You will receive an email with the payment options. Our Album will be available as Digital Download in 1-2 weeks from now on iTunes and about 200 different download stores worldwide. We still have a little surprise for you...check back before Christmas! - Narrow Mind
20.12.2011: A gift for YOU!
We promised you a gift...and here it is! We’ve written a special song called “Winter Moon” that should make your cold winter nights cozy and comfortable. Watch the Video on YouTube or listen to the song in our Demo section. There’s more. Our EP “Lady Moonlight” is now available on iTunes and on over 200 music download stores worldwide! Please remember that we use our free time and our own money to keep Narrow Mind alive. Support us by buying our songs - illegal downloads hurt us directly. Seasons Greetings, enjoy the holiday!